Your Actions. Not Just You.

Sometimes it’s the small things that you forget that others remember.

Ask anyone that has been bullied before, I’m sure they never forget about those experiences, even long after they happen.

Some people get over it, some doesn’t. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe it has to do with the length, or the extent of it, or maybe just how much they affected that person. Maybe they had support, maybe they are stronger. Or maybe they just do, or don’t and there is not explanations for it.

But I’m sure too that even those that got over it, it took them years. Not over the experience, but the fear that are left behind from these experiences.

You might think it’s funny when you do it, and looking back, even if these things are being pointed out to you, I doubt you would remember it.

But I do. Every part of it.

It is these very small insignificant things, which plunge someone’s confidence down the drain, bring their self-worth to a nil, made them fear every time they have the opportunity to open up to other kind people who will enter their lives in the future.

You might scoff at it, why so serious? Lighten up! Perhaps. Then, perhaps you had never been one of the victims enough for it to leave a mark on you. Lucky you.

Even for you, you could probably remember a time you are treated less than nice. You see, we all do when we are on the receiving end.

So, why do you do this? More precisely, why do you do this just for entertainment?

You would never know the leaves you stepped on, on your daily stroll. But the leaves, they remember.

I’m not saying this is your fault. Maybe you think it isn’t. But in a sense, you have a share.

Whether you are the ones starting it, the ones helping the culprits or the silent ones just laughing along. All of you are.

And the leaves? You would never know who they are from the outside.

You see, no one likes to wear their scars on their sleeves. They are always hidden. People don’t like to see others’ scars, and showing them often gets only judgement, not warmth.

You would never know the impact of those seemingly tiny actions, a shove, a word, or maybe a year of picking on someone would do to that person.

That something you do for a few cheap laughs, has ruined someone’s life, for years. Or forever.

Does it mean that person is overacting? Or are you just trying to ignore the effect of your own actions?

Think about it. And I pray that you think hard.

Because I’m hoping that you’d get to experience it one day, and you can tell me then. Or not.


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