This blog is mainly to serve as a journal of sorts for me to write things down and help me to organized my thoughts. Sometimes I use it to share stuff that I am unable to share in daily life. As someone who is pretty under-weather, my thoughts can be very depressed (well, duh!) or upsetting for you if you love living. But those are MY thoughts. And this blog is purely intended for my personal support so please stay your hand with the comments and try to be considerate.

Since I tend to write more when I’m struggling, my posts will reflect my thinking and emotions during the hard times of my life, which might not match how I feel during other times. These posts will include my experiences, thoughts or actions. It’s how I felt, what I thought and how I acted. Most times I felt they are what I needed but I’m by no means advocating any of them. If you are not able to accept it when reading without posting comments that are offensive or judging, feel free to look away instead.

Another note, there might be stuff which could triggers for others, but I will usually put a warning in bold at the beginning of such posts. Something along the lines of “Warning: Possible triggers for (insert possible triggers)”.

I am rather loose with my comment policy. Often, I will approve any on-topic comments, even if I disagree with them. Thus, although I have comment moderation on, comment approval should never be considered an endorsement by me. That being said, this is still my blog so I reserve the right to approve or remove comments as I see fit.