What It Takes to Be A Doctor

Doctors, they exist in our daily life. From your family GP to specialists to someone you know who is one. They all have degrees, most of the time several in fact. But qualifications are not the topic of today. What I want to talk about is, what makes a doctor beyond his or hers qualification?

In my country, we do not need to contact a specific family doctor for appointment if we fall sick. On the contrary, when that happens, we just need to drive to the nearest or preferred physician – in hospitals or clinics, and wait for our turn to see the doctor. Thus, I have had the privilege of meeting quite a number of them and seen the many faces of doctors.

What prompt me to write this is a recent encounter with one who has or rather, lack some qualities which I deemed should be on the job description of one. I understand most doctors are very busy individuals and specialists working as surgeons often work in high stress environment. So, I’m not here to do nick picking.

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I Didn’t Mean To. So What?

As humans, we often judge our own actions based on our intentions and others’ actions based on the results.

We tend to think that, as long as we did not intend to hurt someone, it’s okay then if we do end up hurting someone, because we cannot help it. We didn’t mean it… Right?

There is a word in English called “Inconsiderate”. And I think many of us fall prey to it. We try to be nice and we can be very nice when we wanted to. We try to not be douchebags but we ended up being one sometimes anyways. We, humans, are a bunch of accidental assholes. (Well some are assholes on purpose but that is not the point here!) What’s important comes next.

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Your Actions. Not Just You.

Sometimes it’s the small things that you forget that others remember.

Ask anyone that has been bullied before, I’m sure they never forget about those experiences, even long after they happen.

Some people get over it, some doesn’t. Why? I don’t know.

Maybe it has to do with the length, or the extent of it, or maybe just how much they affected that person. Maybe they had support, maybe they are stronger. Or maybe they just do, or don’t and there is not explanations for it.

But I’m sure too that even those that got over it, it took them years. Not over the experience, but the fear that are left behind from these experiences.

You might think it’s funny when you do it, and looking back, even if these things are being pointed out to you, I doubt you would remember it.

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